Foot and Mouth Disease Control Programme (FMD CP) was initiated in 2004 by the government (DAHD&F) in 54 districts of the country governing 9 states and 1 union territory (A&N islands). Vaccination was 100% and done twice a year with trivalent (O, A and Asia1) vaccine. Serum samples of 10 cattle and 10 buffalo before vaccination and 21 to 30 days post vaccination were collected and screened for level of type specific neutralizing antibodies by Liquid Phase Blocking ELISA(LPB ELISA) developed by the central FMD laboratory before launch of the FMD CP in the country. The reagents and training to conduct post vaccination monitoring is provided by the Central FMD Laboratory, Mukteswar. Area under FMDCP Fifty four districts in which control programme started in 2003-04 (Stage 3) are marked red. One sixty seven districts in which the control programme started in 2010-11 (Stage 2) are marked green Areas under FMDCP

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