Kits produced and supplied by PDFMD

A. Kits for FMD Diagnosis

  • Type-FMD Kit: Foot and mouth disease virus (FMDV) serotyping in clinical Samples.sandwich ELISA for typing.pdf
  • MPCR-FMD Kit: Foot and mouth disease virus (FMDV) serotyping in clinical Samples. Multiplex PCR.pdf
  • LAMP-FMD Kit: Rapid diagnosis of FMD Virus in the field clinical sample.
  • Semen Test kit for FMD: rapid, sensitive and reliable test for FMDV detection in semen.
  • Lineage-FMD PCR Kit: Differentiation of genetic lineages of FMD Virus serotypes A and Asia1.
  • B. Kits for FMD Surveillance

  • LPBE-FMD Kit: For measuring post vaccinal antibody response to FMD Virus and seromonitoring. LPBE kit manual.pdf
  • DIVA FMD indirect kit: For differentiating vaccinated animals from FMDV-infected animals.
  • DIVA FMD Competitive Kit: For NSP sero-surveillance against FMD.
  • FMD-Multiple NSP Panel DIVA Indirect Kit: NSP sero-surveillance against FMD in controlled zones.
  • C. Software for Data analysis

  • Software
  • eManual for Software
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