The Directorate of Food and mouth disease is the premier institute in the country under ICAR and has the cutting-edge scientific expertise in understanding and coordinating FMD surveillance, epidemiology and diagnosis in the country. This Directorate on regular basis advices the government through ICAR regarding appropriateness of vaccine strains to be used in vaccine for the country including selection, maintenance and supply of suitable vaccine strains for use in FMD vaccine production in the country and vaccination policy suitable for the country to control FMD.

Sophisticated Analytical Instrument Facility (SAIF) at DFMD offers major analytical instruments which are operated and maintained by a dedicated and qualified group of Scientists, Technical officers and Engineers. It operates with an "open access policy", benefiting various stake holders and users who are in need of such facilities.


To offer facilities of sophisticated analytical instruments to researchers/ scientists and other users from academic institutes, research laboratories etc.

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